Saturday, June 22, 2024
4:00-8:00 p.m.

Come and see my new studio! Michelle Boerio (my daughter) and I have a beautiful shared space in the historic Jones Mansion at 731 East Broad Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Please join me for a full studio takeover, where I will offer original paintings, prints, refreshments and giveaways. You can also choose from a selection of early works and small works at gift-giving prices. See the art, shop, or just come for a visit and say hello!

There is free parking behind the building, near Gamut BierGarten or on the residential side streets. Parsons Avenue is a good bet. There is air conditioning, but no elevator.

If you would like to stop by another day or time, we are happy to schedule a visit. We love having guests! Text, call or email me at 614-226-0103 or




Every year, a magazine featuring the top 100 acrylic paintings from around the world is published by Artists Magazine. I entered one of my favorite acrylic ink paintings and am so excited to have it included in the 2023 edition!

Using acrylic inks gives me the transparent, radiant color I want. I can also have the fluid application of paint like watercolor, but with the bonus of having it be permanent when dry. This was the first time I had tried ink on canvas instead of paper, and I loved the way the two materials worked together.

I set the stage with a produce box and placed a gorgeous red geranium from my balcony garden in it. I chose a cool blue vase to compliment the velvety warm blossoms. She looked like a star, sophisticated and regal in spite of her humble stage, so I gave her a background of spotlights.

My love for florals comes from spending much of my early days with my aunt and uncle at their greenhouse and landscape nursery. I worked alongside them nurturing the plants, while they nurtured me with unconditional love. Now, creating florals for me is like painting joy and optimism.

The magazine is in bookstores through September 2024 and available for purchase in print or as a digital edition here.