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If you are an artist who wants to get organized and grow your business, this class is for you. I will show you how to manage all aspects of your art business in one place, with an online software program called ARTWORK ARCHIVE. My bite-sized lessons walk you through how I use this tool to streamline the business side of my life as an artist (details below).

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Who should take this class?

This class will help artists in any stage of their career, working in any medium from anywhere in the world, including those who already use Artwork Archive. You don’t need any prior knowledge or materials. I will teach on my laptop, but the program also works on your tablet or smartphone. Artwork Archive is a popular online program that costs about $6 per month. I’ve been using it for about four years.

 Why I made this class to help you make a living making art

When I decided to leave my office job to become a full-time artist I had a lot to learn about becoming a creative entrepreneur. I quickly found out I would be juggling all kinds of information... images of my artwork, where it was showing, who bought it and for how much, contact info for people, deadlines for applications, income and expenses... the list was long. At first, I tried doing it myself with spreadsheets, then I started researching better solutions, and found Artwork Archive.

I love that my data is backed up daily. And I love that I can get push-button reports and make online "private rooms" for working with galleries and collectors. All of this saves me time and lets me present myself as a professional. You can also use the program to schedule reminders, store all kinds of documents, and manage your art business finances.

I was motivated to offer this class because the other teachers on Skillshare gave me real-world advice that helped me make the leap into my art career. Now I sell original art, make commissioned works, illustrate children’s books and license my art on products. (It’s honestly the best job in the world.) 

 What will you learn?

 After watching the step-by-step video lessons, you will be able to:

  • Add your contacts and locations
  • Add reminders and documents
  • Manage your artwork inventory
  • Share your profile and portfolio
  • Apply for opportunities
  • Work with galleries and collectors
  • Track finances and use insights
  • See more resources and get started

You can also download my WORKFLOW TIPS from the class resources to see how the tools I demonstrate in Artwork Archive can streamline each step in your business. Check it out for free!