Radiant Paintings

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What if every child could THRIVE?

Before becoming an artist, I spent many years working in nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable children. This series of paintings, and the resulting video, are my continuation of that child advocacy through art. What would the world look like if we assured the well-being of every child?

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I gasped so loudly when I opened it that my husband came running! I'll treasure this always.

Laura A.

I cannot imagine a more personal and touching gift than this. Simply stunning. Definitely a “priceless” keepsake.”

Rustin M.

Thank you for making my memories of our favorite family vacation location come to life. I absolutely love it!

Carol G.

We have commissioned Carrie for two paintings and she is absolutely fantastic to work with! Both are prominently displayed in my home and office.

Ryan M.

I just keep looking at the painting. I don’t know how you did it!

Linda G.

THANK YOU so much for creating a one-of-a-kind, special gift!

Erin S.