Life in the slow lane: painting a hike in the park

I like to walk fast. My son told me once "you walk like NASCAR." Even when I hiked in the woods, I would go fast. 

But then... as I began to explore mindfulness, I decided to try just "being" on my solo walks in the woods. What if I just experienced these moments in time? 

As an experiment, I started slowly. I "came to my senses" by focusing on what I saw and heard and smelled and felt. I would stop and do this every so often, and the rest of the time, let my mind wander as I walked at any pace that felt right. Now I find this to be one of my best times for creativity and problem-solving. Plus I get to spend more time in nature instead of racing through the park. Now, when I walk with my family, we do more strolling and less speeding. It always reminds me of the couples we saw strolling through the streets every evening in Siena, Italy. They know how to live. Try it for yourself.

I made this painting after my first slow walk at a park with a lovely path to the top of a hill (if you live near Columbus, Ohio, go visit the Chestnut Ridge Metro Park). #mindfulness #hiking #cbusmetroparks #naturepainting

"Slow Hike" painting by Carrie Lacey Boerio

"Slow Hike" 15 x 30 inch acrylic painting by Carrie Lacey Boerio (available here)

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